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Formerly known as ‘365 days of Ottawa Food’ I renamed the blog (in part) to be called ‘Where the Locals Eat’. Traveling as much as I do, I only wish it were that accessible to locate the places the locals like to frequent :)

I think it is only natural that I keep changing the ‘about me’ page – I haven’t been the same static person from year to year. We are going on to my third year of writing this blog and thanks to everyone who enjoys reading it I have maintained a good standing with siteshigh profile (highly read) sites such as Urbanspoon! That’s how I know you are reading…

A little bit about me…

Well I was born and raised in Brampton Ontario but moved to Ottawa for school… ten years ago now. Wow how time flies. I was with a chef for so many years and grew to not only love food but understand it. Flavor profiles, origins, gastronomy. It was like I had been in culinary school for so long but instead of expressing my love for food through cooking I expressed it through this blog; sharing the passion of food through words.

I’m not a food blogger per se.  I definitely don’t sweat in the kitchen for hours making and creating beautiful dishes. Instead, I enjoy seeing what those who are masterful are able to do. So I go to restaurants with friends and family, and all too often by myself, and relax over a glass of wine (or newly local brewed beer) and a few dishes of delicious food.

Through my experience in blogging I have not only grown a wealth of knowledge for food creation and a palate for tasting but I have formed wonderful relations with chefs throughout the city who encourage me to educate the city (and perhaps the world) about the food culture in Ottawa.

I try my best to attend local food competitions, to visit restaurants more than once, and from time to time I add a post about a restaurant I ate at while traveling – which I happen do a lot these days. But I am certainly not in the business of telling you where you should or should not eat. I am only here to share my experiences with you and let you in on a few adventures I encourage you to follow. I apologize upfront if my experience was not the same as yours and I may express what seems like negative feedback. Each chef who sweats in the kitchen with their team and each person who presents food to a table is both more educated and knowledgeable about their job then I am and I take my hat off to each of you!

2013 – lets eat our way through the city.

365 Days of Ottawa Food Ottawa restaurants

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