Sidedoor 1-Year Anniversary Party

Thursday is a great night to go out and have some fun – your ankles are jittery because its not yet Friday, but you dont have to feel guilty about going out because you made it past hump day.

If you like going out on Thursday nights as much as I do, and you’re still looking for an event, you should definitely check out the Sidedoor 1 year Anniversary Party.



$25 will get you canapes and drink tickets for the night, accompanied by great music and great friends. Most importantly, I cannot stress that all proceeds are going to an unbelievable cause – the Ottawa breakfast club.

When he can, Chef Jonathan Korecki (head chef, sidedoor) takes in Children’s camps to give them an opportunity to cook, taste, and learn about healthy food. He has a soft spot for children, and the new generation of cooks. To take it one step further, both Jonathan and owners of Sidedoor decided to share their appreciation for all the support you have given the restaurant this year by giving back to the community.

All proceeds from tonight’s event will be donated to the Ottawa Breakfast Club.

For more information on Sidedoor Contemporary Kitchen and bar go to

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