All things familiar

Indeed in eight years we have had a great deal of food at variety of restaurants in the city. When people ask me which places to go, my top 5 pick is generally (in no particular order)

  1. Sweetgrass – very healthy and interesting menu
  2. Savannah – a true ‘fusion’ restaurant with some gusto
  3. Wellington Gastropub – open concept, laid back and very warm/inviting. Also support the homemade pickling
  4. The Manx – interesting menu, quint spot, great variety of beer (and who doesn’t love board games tucked in the corner)
  5. Domus – local, seasonal, organic food… need I say more?

As you can see they fall in no single genre, but they all have tasty food and a different atmosphere.

However, to be fair, we need to revisit these restaurants to begin the blog with a clean slate. In my opinion these places will remain on the top if they maintain these qualities listed above.

For now, being the summer, we will be hitting up some unusual locations that get us into the Summer feel. Some fresh local vegetables, juicy fruits, and homemade ribs are what I’m feeling anyway.

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