Play Food and Wine Bar

I chose Play as the first of my reviews since it is fairly new and people are buzzing about this particular spot.

In essence Play is the place to go to feel intimate with the company you are with. The menu is designed for sharing – charcuterie, cheeses, and tons of creative plates that change very frequently. Whether you bring along some friends or you sit at the bar, Play generates an atmosphere of warmth and welcoming. You will often be caught up in conversation for hours with your company, or the other frequenter sitting beside you.

A real treat – popcorn drizzled with truffle oil and sea salt. A great change from nuts!

There is definitely a generous list of wines on this menu. Sure, beers and alcohols are also served if desired. However, the wait staff are very familiar with the wines and are happy to offer some good choices depending on your palate.

We decided to taste the four main dishes that were recommended to us. The Pan seared scallops were perfectly cooked and topped with diced pickled onions. What a vibrant colour and flavor, in combination with the delicate avocado puree. I was blown away by the beef tartar. The morsels of meat were seemingly hand cut and mixed with spices to taste. No eggy-ness for those of you who are weary of the uncooked foods. For the second round we tried the lemon pasta – nothing to write home about – and the Ricotta gnudi. I had never had gnudi before so this was an interesting dish. Inspired by Indian spices this dish resembled a combination of gnocchi and pakoras.

Last year I visited the restaurant a few times and notices each time was different – including the staff and the menu. While they were in a ‘slump’ as I would call it, they have definitely come out of it. A very enjoyable experience!

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