Savannah Cafe

Savannah Cafe is situated in the heart of downtown (not the market) where the locals can walk conveniently into an old house reoutfitted into a Caribbean style restaurant. Busers and drivers alike will also have no problem getting to this restaurant any time of the day, however, beware as the house is usually packed – either for the food or the music.

Anytime I have been in Savannah Cafe the house is rocking with an eclectic mix of diners. Both old(er) and young; formal or casual, you will have a hard time not loving the overall experience of Savannah Cafe. Chef Michael Radford took over the kitchen not too long ago and revamped the menu with each plate oozing with different flavors and combinations. Frequenters from the past will still remain familiar with a few dishes, but for the most part Radford has creatively mixed the traditional dishes with his own flare – with the perfect balance of exotic and modern. Dishes are not too spicy for those who are frightened by the Caribbean eats.

The combination of Radford in the kitchen and Cathy Dewar in the front explains why people keep coming back for more. If I lived closer, I would surely visit more often. The ambiance is fun and inspiring, while the prices are very reasonable. Try out the white wine sangria for a splash of summer. See Savannah Cafe at Bluesfest Ottawa

Savana Café on Urbanspoon

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