Steak Modern Steakhouse

I will admit I am often hesitant to frequent any of the restaurants on Clarence street when in the mood for a great meal, but I was dying to try Steak – the commercials are damn annoying but hey, its great marketing. My girlfriend and I went in with no expectations, on a rainy day and a slow afternoon in the market. We were seated next to the window which made me uneasy with the rain, but luckily the waiter quickly made his way over and lit the torch heaters just for our comfort. Right there I was impressed.

We were in time for the dinner menu, which is not daunting but ideally well-rounded. Nonetheless, sitting in a restaurant called Steak makes it somewhat embarrassing to order anything other than steak. Instead, we started off with a bottle of red wine from the waiter’s (whom we found out to be the manager) choice and an appetizer to share. The menu has slightly changed since we were there, but you must order the spinach and brie dip. It looks simple enough that you could replicate it at home for your company but it is perfectly melted, creamy and mouth watering. A bottle of absolutely flavourful red wine later (and believe me there were many others on the list that were both unfamiliar and intriguing at a low price) we inquired about the mains.

To my delightful surprise our waiter was completely upfront about what was worth the money and those that were not. It is difficult to choose from the menu as they all sound so wonderful but I rested on the peppercorn New York steak. We were both stunned and satiated. She was debating ordering a custom steak, with your specific cut, specific sauce and sides, but it works out to be a little bit more, and our waiter insisted she would be happier with the Gorgonzola Fillet wrapped in Bacon – a perfect choice she agreed.

Sure you’ll pay a healthy dollar for the meal – it is part of one of the largest families of restaurants in the market after all – but you wont be disappointed. Go ahead and order the pasta or vegetarian options if you must but please do not order chicken at Steak – its not proper.

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