Trio Lounge

I LOVE this place! So TRIO is a hidden Gem in westboro (and by hidden, I swear I have driven past it several times before realizing I had parked much too far). My husband and I used to live right down the street and one day decided to explore Westboro – on one of those rainy and quiet days. We stumbled upon TRIO and knew right from entering that we had found a gem.

The front of the lounge has an oldschool dj stand set up. Yup, they play the most eclectic mix of music and all of it good. The waitstaff knows when its too quiet or too loud so they will adjust the volume for you. All of the seats along the perimeter are covered in fabric with lots of snuggly pillows to make you feel like you are in an oldschool lounge. There isnt much space in this place but they have made the place feel like your parents’ basement, or your bestfriend’s first bachelor pad.

The beer selection is pretty standard, and they have most alcohols so you can suggest a drink off the menu. Its a great place to hang out casually for a drink or a light snack. Oh the food… so I have not seen the kitchen myself but I suspect its not quite decked out. However, the chef does an elegant job of inventing a large menu of pizzas, sandwiches, tapas extraordinaire. I love the ‘not so common pizza’ (i think I order it every time). In a nutshell they make creative snack food – and each bite better than the first.

One of the reviews on the urbanspoon says “Trio lounge does what it does best, and as the old saying suggests, ‘Different strokes fer different folks.'” I couldn’t have said it better myself. The food may take longer than you expect but … relax, take a load off and enjoy your time.

Trio Lounge on Urbanspoon

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