Wellington GastroPub

The Wellington GastroPub is becoming much more well-known these days – which for us is bad news making it difficult to get a table on the weekends. That being said it is worth reserving a table or sneaking in on off hours to get the gastropub experience. In this particular review I will refrain from commenting on any one dish since the menu changes everyday – wow! Its a real treat to see different items on the menu all the time, and it says a lot for the staff (both in the kitchen for expressing their creativity and the floor staff for learning each new item).

The Wellington Gastropub is minimalistic in their decor which allows for the people and the food to take precedence in this experience. The entire restaurant is outfitted in simple resined wood, uncovered windows to let the light shine through, and best of all,… no uniforms for the staff. Both wait staff and cooks alike can be found wearing fun t-shirts, jeans; anything to allow them to focus on their work and feel comfortable doing it. This also means you can feel comfortable wearing whatever you want to; this is not a place to be judged.

The food: what you will find here is an option of delicately simple presentation with complex flavors. It is nice because you can pick a first, second, and third course so you can easily mix and match the flavors for the night. If you have a group of ten or more you can indulge in the table d’hote menu which is very worth it.

This in combination with the wide variety of wines and beers makes Wellington Gastropub the type of restaurant you wont just visit once. Take the time to ask the servers their opinion on the courses. With this caliber of restaurant you can be darn sure the staff knows their food. And if you can, shake hands with the chef!

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