Blue Cactus

In one word: crap. I dont usually write bad reviews but this place takes the cake. I used to go there in first year university (about 8 years ago) and I was convinced that every time I threw up it was due to the alcohol and not the food. Nope, everyone who came along with me also threw up the food. And every subsequent time – with or without alcohol – I threw up. The wait staff is terrible unless you are judging them on how much they pop out of their clothing. The main entrance stones are so uneven I havent seen a single girl NOT trip on her heels. Yes I have been there again over the years and I do not know how this place remains open. The drinks are over priced; even the large ones with only 2 ounces of alcohol in it. The food… dont get me started… (oh wait I did start up at the top).

If you want to go somewhere for good drinks, try Oz Cafe or Eighteen. If you want pub fare even Cornerstone is better than this. And dont expect to have your voice at the end of the night, you’ll be yelling at your neighbor it’s so loud.

Blue Cactus on Urbanspoon

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