Clock Tower Brew Pub

If you have ever been invited by friends to go to the Clock Tower it was probably for Tuesday night wings. Almost every sports team I know will make it out to the Clock Tower for cheap wings that night. The other thing you might know about the Clock Tower is the home brews. In addition to the custom beers on tap, there are about a handful of homebrews made on site. Each one is very delicious and caters altogether to all kinds of taste buds.

There are three locations now in Ottawa. I have not yet been to the location in Rockcliffe but there is a distinct difference in atmosphere between the Bank Street (Glebe) and Byward market location. Bank street has that community feel to it – people stopping by after work, lots of fun people visiting during their lunch hour, routine frequenters on each night of the week, and of course sports teams. It tends to be in a great location with high traffic between the center town crowd and the glebe crowd. Whereas in the byward market unfortunately it has the feel of any other pub. On a hot day in the summer perusing the byward, why not stop in any bar you can get a table at. But if you have the choice definitely visit the Bank street location.

Food is not bad. Nothing memorable, but its not bad. Wings on the other hands… well it goes down well with their home brew. Anything better than wings from any other bar? Not really…. but they are cheap!

Clock Tower Brew Pub on Urbanspoon

Clock Tower Brew Pub on Urbanspoon

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