Fat Tuesdays

Fat Tuesdays can be a really fun place. I have been on a regular night (I think Tuesday, ironically) and it is really empty. But like any good business you need to find a niche and exploit it. Fat Tuesdays is so much fun on the weekend during the Duelling Pianos. You can be sitting around eatting a descent meal and sharing some drinks with your friends all the while in the background the duelling pianists are playing a series of requested favourites. Then before you know it, the restaurant has turned into the scene in “My best friends’s wedding” singing songs in harmony. Everyone gets up with their drinks almost situated behind one pianist or the other, singing louder on each verse. What great fun!

The music aside, the food is quite tasty (and so is the alcohol) but a bit overpriced. Food general is everything – a little cajun, a little canadian, a little pub fare.

Fat Tuesday's on Urbanspoon

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