The Brig Eatery and Pub

The brig is really just your average bar that serves a little bit less greasy food. It is situated in the heart of the market and caters to smokers in the winter with their heated patio out back. Virtually any drinker would have a good time at the bar. During the week days you’ll find it pretty busy but the service is still quick. On the weekends, it can get pretty rammed inside, and naturally the service is a little slower as a result. There is a standard variety of beers, alcohols, etc.

As for food, they have a pretty good menu. The regular menu consists of all the pub fair with additional categories such as pasta. They also have an after hours menu with deep fried pickles, fries, wings, … and I especially love the chicken fingers. The food in general isnt all that tasty but its good portions, and hits the spot with with a good drink.

Dont dress up if you are going here. Although the Brig isn’t as casual as, lets say Dominion, and not really as high end as, lets say, Social, you would be good with jeans and a hoodie for sure.

The Brig Eatery & Pub on Urbanspoon

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