Green Tea Sushi

At the time this restaurant opened I was living downtown near Elgin street and was so excited to see a close Asian restaurant open up. The girls and I went in to order some sushi and the first thing we noticed is that the menu is very easy to follow. There are rolls, pho soups, bubble teas, etc. The name doesnt imply it is a green tea purveyor, its just a witty name.

Anyways, the rolls are very ornate and ‘unique’ – which means they aren’t your typical sushi rolls, a bit more creative. I tried one of the pho soups another time I went in, but they dont have all that much flavour to them. There are so many other places to find good pho in this city, this not being one of them. But that being said, everything else on the menu is very fun, very tasty and picture perfect.

The other great thing about Green Tea Sushi is that they offer take out, and are open extremely late. It may not register to you to have sushi late night, but trust me it hits the spot when you’re in the snacky mood.

Green Tea doesn’t offer all-you-can-eat but the portion sizes are fair. I cant help but order the Kiss Roll – one of their gourmet roll options – and each time I try to order some spring rolls first but it ends up being too much food. I love it here, I hope you do too!

Green Tea Sushi on Urbanspoon

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