Sushi Go

I was skeptical of Sushi Go when it first opened – this new sushi place that seemed to take a storm over Ottawa. But one day I finally decided to try it out. I was living in the Glebe at the time and way too lazy to make dinner so I walked over to check it out. To my amazement they had a great selection of sushi rolls, maki rolls, salads and soup.

Alright so the staff is particularly young, but dont be fooled – they have all been trained in creative each roll to order. If you have time to wait you can order platters to go, and if you have no time, the restaurant gets its name from the prepackaged meals ‘to go’. All the rolls are displayed on a chalkboard right at the cash, but you will need to look in the take out menu to see what each is made up of. They are packed rolls of all kinds of flavours and tastes – I have to say if you are not in the mood for all-you-can-eat I really like Sushi Go. The rolls are different from what you are used to, but not completely Americanized.

The other great thing about Sushi Go that I dont think most people know is their selection of loose teas. I discovered they sell their teas (walls of them) for a reasonable price and each one is so beautifully pungent. You can also get Japanese snacks there too, but you can get those anywhere. Check out the teas, seriously!

Sushi Go on Urbanspoon

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