Stella Osteria

It doesnt surprise me that the reviews are very 50/50 with this one. The first time we went was shortly after they first opened. I had heard it was quite costly so we saved up a few pennies and headed over to the market. The first impression was that this place was doing well for itself – nice uniforms on the servers, beautiful dark wood furniture…and then came the newly hired wait staff who didnt know … well didnt know anything. We ordered an expensive bottle of wine which I will tell you now, was the only success to the evening. We ordered our mains and both came out cold, tasteless and overcooked. My husband was pretty livid at this point (I am leaving out the bad service tale) that we actually – and I have never done this in my life – walked out.

Years later I tried the place again but this time upstairs on the outside patio. I was there for a birthday party so lots of drinks were in order. I think since we were a big enough group the server had an incentive to pay attention to us. This time I tried the spinach dip (really good) and had lots of other snacks along the way. I had nothing to complain about this time.

Overall if you can make it upstairs and share some apps/drinks you are in good hands but I wouldnt waste your time spending the money on a special dinner.

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