A lot of new sushi restaurants have surfaced in the last year but I stay true to Wasabi. I had temporarily given up on some other spots but had a hankering for some good sushi one afternoon. So a friend of mine met me in the market and we decided on trying Wasabi. We both had distinct cravings; she for some fresh sashimi and I for some fancy rolls. We were actually so hungry that it seemed impossible to decided what to eat but finally she decided on the sashimi bento box and I on Tri-Maki. Goodness, they all tasted so fresh.

Unlike the slow service at Kinki, our server was on the ball and delivered the food to us readily. We did start with some miso soup just in case, and while I didnt regret it, the food was quick. My friend loved the bento box, though slightly small in servings. Nonetheless, Wasabi is a night quaint spot in the heart of the market and provides a tasty selection of sushi (not all you can eat). It isĀ comparableĀ in price to Kinki so you do end up paying a little bit more for the rolls, but the taste is there.

The second time I went, we went in a big group and sat in the main dining room as opposed to the patio outside. The server was very impressive with keeping up with our constant flow of orders, our supply of sake and other drinks, and delivered each one flawlessly on gorgeously assembled platters. I actually decided to have the rice wine that night – no different from any other wine, but it was rice! If you go in a big group the price is more than worth it and feels like all you can eat.

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