107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar

The wine bar is in one of the best parts of the city but has very little traffic. Right on the corner of bank street and Fourth avenue, the wine bar is a small like joint that bears a tiny patio in the front – one or two tables – a small patio at the back and some odd tables of random sizes inside. There are a lot of wine choices at the bar complimented by a small menu of tasty greasy offerings. Nothing to fill your belly full but of sampling sizes just to cleanse the pallet.

I was expecting a posh place that was lavishly decorated, candlelit and full of expensive wines. On the contrary, the bar is stacked with a wide price range of wines, the interior is sloppily outfitted and the eclectic mix of patrons makes it difficult for the bar to market the place to any particular taste. However, unlike the trio lounge that is very relaxing and inviting, rickety tables and the unorganized decor make the wine bar almost displeasing to the eye.

Often times I have chosen the wine bar as a place to meet friends based on its central location but the food is never quite what I expect – not very filling – so I am often tempted to find a second location to continue the night. If you happen to be looking for a place to go for drinks, the menu is of good variety but there just seems to be something about this place that doesnt allow you to sit back and relax. There are definitely better places to go around this area, or take a stroll and head down to Elgin street.

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2 thoughts on “107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar

  1. I am a little confused about this review you say (The wine bar is in one of the best parts of the city) then say (There are definitely better places to go around this area)
    I have being going to the wine bar on a weekly basis for about 6 or 7 months now and 107 wine bar is really a gem and not to be missed.
    I will agree on the decor and the seating could be a little more comforting but all in all great little place.
    Also not sure about the greasy food and not being filled up, may I ask what you are ordering? I always go for one of the specials and never leave disappointed or with a empty stomach.

    I enjoy your blog and keep up the good reviewing

    • Hi Amy,
      Sorry if I mixed up my words a little bit. I simply mean that the Wine Bar is in a great part of the city, but within the Glebe I find there are other unique places to go, should you be looking for some substantial food.
      Every time I have been to the Wine Bar I am excited about the food, but it doesnt seem to quite fill me up. Maybe I should go try their newer menu – thanks for putting this back on the radar for me. I appreciate the comments.


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