Iron Cactus

I was so lucky to be in Austin during a stretch of beautiful whether, and what better to hit the town that is becoming so well known for its music culture. So I took my rental car and drove straight to 6th street where I have heard about the music scene and the food scene. I will admit, my decision on where to go was mostly dictated by the parking spots for my gigantic Yukon but alas I found the Iron Cactus – I was dying for some Mexican, and fish tacos at that.

I walked into the restaurant and asked to be seated on the balcony so I could catch some sun. Unfortunately when you eat alone you sometimes have to deal with sitting in the back corner in a lonely table. But IĀ marveledĀ at the scenery, and the crowd. Once the menu came the waitress notified me of the drink specials and we ended up having a 5 minute discussion about which ones were actually on special and how to distinguish them. It may have partly been my selective hearing but in part I think she was confused herself. Nonetheless I worked my way through the food menu to search for some fish tacos. Alas, I found these breaded fish tacos…. friggen delicious. It was messier than the norm, simply because the fish pieces were much larger than the tortilla themselves, but mmm mm mm.

That being said, I think the real difference with the restaurant is that they serve you with tortillas and salsa – two kinds – that make you want more and more and more. I wish, for the life of me I could remember what was in each of them but what I do know is one was dark red and had quite a kick to it, whereas the second lighter red one was mild. Both so unique in taste, and absolutely delicious. If someone goes there and knows the two kinds, please email me to let me know! Its worth blogging about.

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