Moxie’s Classic Grill Kanata

I have been to Moxie’s before but I wasnt expecting for this…

Upon entering Moxie’s we were asked if we wanted bar side or restaurant side. Bar side, duh, I’m here for some drinks. Wow, you walk in and your eyes are drawn to the lit up bar bordered by ceiling high glass shelves covered in empty liquor bottles (I was sure I could find a pic on the internet but I guess I will have to go in and take some). Imagine, each shelf cases rows of emtpy gin, or empty vodka, or,… you get it, with blue or green or red lights shining through them.

Patrons were ordering all kinds of martinis, along with the famous mini Corona or mini Schmirnoff tipped upside down in a fishbowl of alcoholic slushy. 4 ounces of liquor later and you are feeling pretty good. Admittedly I try to bring people into the grill just to see their expressions. Are we on Miami south beach?

Alright the downside. Although you get to sit snug on black leather seats around the room with some good pals for the night, and the menu does offer some tasty items, every order comes with a side of boobs. Sorry ladies, I know you are just working, … and I hate to criticize on the outfits you had no say in, but maybe my fellow female patrons can try to ignore it for one night. Aside from this, it is hard not to be lured into Moxie’s for a very fun girl’s night. Gentleman, Moxie’s makes a pretty tasty steak… with a side of boobs of course. Hard to go wrong, dont you say?

Here is my note of caution: this is the only Moxie’s I know that has this ambiance, so dont go to other locations expecting the same.

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2 thoughts on “Moxie’s Classic Grill Kanata

    • Hi Laura.
      Get out of here! OMG is there ever the fear someone is going to drunkenly smash them open? Thanks for the inside scoop, I’ll make sure to look closely at them next time I go in.

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