Ox Head

There is no other place you should be going to other than Oxhead.

I get a craving for pho quite often, especially in the Winter, and no doubt about it I choose Ox Head everytime. The truth of the matter is that while the pho itself is no better or no worse than what you expect time find in China town, the staff and the springrolls do it for me. Specifically, the spring rolls at Oxhead are rolled in an extremely light rice paper and coated in some sort of flower before frying. This makes the casing quite crunchy and tight. Inside is a mixture of meat and seafood (or vegetarian upon request). Believe me when I say you will end up ordering spring rolls each time, or making sure you order the bun with spring rolls.

In addition, and very importantly, the staff makes a point of remembering you and your needs. They strive to find you a table, treat you with utmost courtesy and offer you fast efficient service.

Hands down, my favourite dish is the pork bun (the accent is missing on the u here) with spring rolls. Other very good dishes are the beef satay pho and the tofu pad thai. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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