Phu Yen

Phu Yen is a tiny little Vietname/Chinese fusion restaurant situated along the tech core on March road. No doubt this restaurant is consistently busy and full of spicy and floral odors. I was taken to Phu Yen once during a lunch time rush and it was a miracle that we found a table, and at the window at that. So we parked ourselves, ordered a beer and perused through the menu.

Since then we have found that Phu Yen is better ordered in. Instead of worrying about getting a table – and I will say they do an exceptional job at turning tables as fast as they can – they offer the full menu for take out. We have ordered from here several times now and I say two thumbs up. Its a shame that we cant experience dining out all the time, but in the profession I am in, its great to have a few reliable places to order in. They do a good pad thai, and a great rice noodle in black bean sauce. The spring rolls are just OK, but since they do cook Chinese food I should really try the egg rolls next time.

Phu Yen on Urbanspoon

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