Sake Sushi Hibachi House – New Orleans

I was on the road for a business trip and found a hotel that was of the highway but if I remember correctly about 15min south of the downtown core of New Orleans. Beautiful but much quieter. During one of the nights I was eating and drinking at the hotel bar I began learning about crayfish – the sweet taste, the freshness in New Orleans – and that I must try it before leaving the city. So, there is was: my mission for the trip.

On the last night of the trip I found Sake Sushi Hibachi House just down the street from the hotel. ZIt can be dicey when going to a new sushi place. You have to be careful of the quality of the fish, the cleanliness of the kitchen and though you may be able to overlook the hospitality it can be very delightful to visit a sushi restaurant that can entertain you with their knife skills and knowledge of the fish. I was delighted to walk into Sake Sushi and be greeted with the most petite female I may have ever seen. She sat me at the sushi bar, which I requested, and showed me the menu along with pouring me some water.

I will be honest I was on the way to the airport and this was my last ditch attempt to trying some crayfish so I scanned the menu for the crayfish sushi. I figured this would let me try the food as well as sneak in a few bites of crayfish, and if I didnt like it I could take it out. I did order one role with the crayfish in it, and it was much sweeter than I anticipated. For my first try at the fish, I will say it was overall pleasing, but I took the wimpy way out by masking it in loads of rice. I will absolutely have to try the crayfish again but… as for the restaurant, the sushi chef was a seasoned sushi chef with magnificant technique.

The restaurant is clearly designed for both families and friends, outfitted with larger round tables for occasions, and a long sushi bar with chairs. Black interior and low dim lights make it professional but the staff contribute to making this place very warm. I would intentionally go back to this place if I make it back to New Orleans!

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