The Cheshire Cat Pub

I went to the cheshire pub one afternoon with work – one of our co-workers was moving on to medschool so we all got together to send her farewell. I was new to Kanata so as we were driving it felt like we were visiting highway exits way past my comfort zone, but sure enough it was closer to work than I expected.

It was in the middle of the winter so parking was a little cluttered, to the side of the building. As we walked in there was an antique phone booth perched in the main entrance – a preview of an old traditional pub. We made our way upstairs within this quaint little pub and were treated to a “private” area just for us. The actuality is that we filled the entire second floor so no other patrons could fit up there. But all the better for us.

The menu is full of traditional english pub goodies such as the ploughman’s lunch, welsh rarebit, and bangers and mash; and I do believe they are all done right. No worries, if these are unfamiliar to you, there are tons of other items on the menu. Portions are good and items quite tasty. What you’ll feel here is a low key, back-to-basics pub that is great for an evening beer, a quiet lunch, or a summer time patio. It has been a while since I have been back, but yes, I am definitely looking forward to revisiting. Especially since the website is advertising renovations. Hopefully it still has the pub-next-door feel to it.

The Cheshire Cat Pub on Urbanspoon

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