Broadway Bar and Grill

My hubby and I wanted to venture out into our home area of Nepean and find another brunch gem in the city. I looked up some brunch places on urbanspoon and came across Broadway Bar and Grill. To be honest we had never really been that far down Greenbank, but there we were on this long and straight road when all of a sudden, bam! A huge subdivision packed with big box stores and strip malls. When we walked out of the car and closer to the restaurant it looked quite deserted from the outside, and I was contemplating heavily whether to just go to the vietnamese restaurant next door. But nope, we headed over and again, you open the door and bam! Almost a few hundred people tucked into this ‘brill’ (as I’d like to call it. Bar and Grill = brill). I couldnt imagine that we would get a table, but I barely had time to head over to the window and we were instructed that our table was ready.

You really couldnt blame the server for running around like a chicken with his head cut off, but he was, and we understood. Once in a while he’d come by (to take our order, to refresh our drinks…) and would apologize for the lack of attention. On the contrary he did an excellent job. The food was alright – hit the spot for some cooked eggs, ‘taters, and veggies. In fact, the ceaser we had went down nicely.

All in all, I dont think we would need to head over there again simply because there are other big chain restaurants closer by, but there was nothing wrong with the experience at all. Good service, tasty ceasers and a very kind server made the meal enjoyable.

Broadway Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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