Sushi Hama – Tucson

When I was last in Tucson for business, I agreed to meet some customers out for Dinner before the big conference day. They told me to meet them at Sushi Hama right smack in the middle of a strip mall. I can get my back up about strip mall restaurants, they can be too cookie cutter but this one was unusual.

We sat at a large table over towards the entrance of the restaurant. The walls were coloured an odd yellow and pink – quite like one would see at a fare. We ordered a large platter of sushi and Maki between the four of us which we nicely presented on a long platter. While eating some sushi, drinking some beers and chatting, out came a group of young ladies singing happy birthday to someone in the large group over towards the side of the house. Proceeding were young girls (staff and not) running around the house much like they were at a friend’s house.

I will say that despite this large group, we were taken care of rather diligently, but there was nothing exceptional about this restaurant from what I could see. And to top it off, watching some people do a quail egg shot just turned me right off. I dont think I would go back there again.

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