SmoQue Shack

When Jonny and I had gone to San Francisco in October there was one reoccuring theme to the eating out experiences. Its that in San Fran you can get away with being a small restaurant serving exactly your niche of food and you are unapologetic for not having enough room for everyone. It was a really nice concept because you tend to find little nooks in the city where you can place yourself, open up something really special, be minimal in your decor or advertising… and you let the clients come to you. As a client, its really neat to see how many people want to eat at this nooks and it makes you want to eat there too. But the great thing is the city is filled with these places so you dont get frustrated if you dont find a seat, you go somewhere else and try to come back some other time.

I had known about the SmoQue shack for some time now but was waiting for a time my husband and I could both go – I knew he would enjoy is just as much as me. I had heard all kinds of rave reviews about the restaurant and it really did shock me when I went in that it was so hidden in the city. It was, to be perfectly honest, quite appealing.

Upon entering, it felt very much like the San Franciscan theme we had experienced not too long before – it is unapologetic for being busy and being small. We were very lucky to find a table and it was right smack in the middle of the restaurant. Cool by me. You know going into this that its not going to be quiet so who cares how many people are surrounding you.

The menu was nicely laid out. You pick your drinks, you pick your meat, you pick your sides. Our server approached us immediately and ordered our beers (you gotta have beer with this amount of meat). Jonny and I decided on the 1/2 pound jerk and the 1/2 pound brisket with slaw and fries on the side. Holy Molly now that was jerk. I’ve got moms of friends who make real jerk and this was bang on. You can’t really complain that the jerk was quite spicy either because… its jerk. The brisket melted in my mouth. Fries and slaw were just that, but I didnt need it to be anything else.

I tried to go back the week after but no room. Oh well, Im gonna have to go back and get some ribs on a less busy night!

The Smoque Shack on Urbanspoon

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