Back Lane Cafe

It was such a gorgeous Saturday I had to do something remarkable with the day – and what better than to try a new restaurant on my wishlist. I used my handi-dandy Urbanspoon phone app and discovered I hadn’t been top Back Lane Cafe yet. It was listed as the city’s top picks and it was open for brunch (being 1:30 driving around the city, it was perfect timing).

There I was walking from my excellent parking space and into the Back Lane Cafe, one door, two doors, a single second of wondering where to go next since the entire entrance was encased in curtains, and pushing my way through one of the sides I felt like I stumbled into Narnia; everyone starring at me like I wasnt supposed to be there. I stood there with confidence and slowly a man approached me and asked if I wanted a seat. Likely, given that it was a restaurant, but I politely said yes and ducked into a table for two. He said the kitchen might be closing but shortly thereafter reassured me that I was good to stay.

I had a moment to look around, and was very confused by the decor. The place was covered wall to wall with fake window panes and an eclectic collection of wooden tables and chairs. There weren’t too many people in the place but several other people came in after me.

I have to admit that judging a place on their brunch menu is a little unfair but there were some things that said ‘home made’ so I had to try them. I settled on the homemade sausage and poached egg with a grain salad. Hmm… though I hate to say it I was really disappointed. My entire mean had virtually no taste. The egg was nicely cooked but the sausage added very little (and I mean size and taste) and eventually I had to skip the bread because I couldn’t cut through it. The grain salad was really nice… and then to my left there was a side of fruit… (*sigh)… I know its Winter but there has got to be something to offer other than imported melons – strawberries, honeydew, … the whole gammit. Oh well…

I will need to come back to the Back Lane cafe to try out some of their dinner menu items but truthfully Im a little disappointed with the whole picture – the decor, the food… even the service was a little lack-luster.

I’d love to hear your comments on the restaurant.

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4 thoughts on “Back Lane Cafe

  1. Yes. Spell check is my bff. It seems like you write as a task that you hate. Why do you write this blog? It’s terrible and has no purpose or direction. It really is no wonder to me at all why you have no following. I Don’t know why ppl read your blog…

  2. I have adored this restaurant each of the last three times that I’ve been here. I don’t mind people being critical of something – be it food or politics or literature- but I don’t think your criticisms have much back bone. It sounds like brunch wasn’t to your taste, but you don’t really give much detail on how the service was lackluster. Each time I’ve been there, I’ve seen the servers engage the patrons in such a way that I feel inspired to return.

    Alas, it’s unfortunate that you won’t return. On the other hand, it means an extra table would be available ;)

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