Vegetables Cuts

Have you ever followed a recipe that asks you to chop vegetables? I never really know what the recipe envisions because what is a chopped vegetable? I asked my husband the same question and he gave me that look of reassurance that I was completely right… chopped… is a loose term. Instead I did some research what the various cuts of vegetables are and here is what I found.

Click on this link and take a look a the different shapes and sizes here

Basically you have your brunoise which is a very small cube and is typically used for garnishes. One step bigger than that is the macedoine which is your typical diced vegetable. I like using this in anything that doesn’t require you to have the onion as a major player but you want the aromatic.

The chiffonade is used for some vegetables like leafy greens which are layered and require just a thin slice . For other vegetables you get get slices by a paysanne which are against the grain (picture a celery stalk) or you can have julienne which are thin slices with the grain. One step up from the julienne is the jardiniere which are your basic chunky slices of veggies (like that of a vegetable platter).

Not sure why the mirepoix is included in this as its not really a cutting style of a starter for lots of soupes, stalks, etc. A basic mirepoix will be a mix of aromatics such as onion, celery and carrots sauted very slowly in butter.

Check this video out… its doesnt include all the styles but its good to see. click here

As for some oldschool literature check out this cooks illustrated depiction here.

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