Los Tacos de Mauro

I keep getting a hankering for tacos, so after my haircut this evening I left my car and walked down to Los Tacos De Mauro. I almost walked past it (okay,… I did walk past it but realized one step too late that it must be where I was standing) and nonetheless was disappointed by the tiny stand outside directing traffic upstairs. Well, hopefully this means an extra delicious meal right? Hmm… walking in to an absolutely empty restaurant I truly wished I could do a pivot turn and sachet down the stairs again, but the waiter caught a glimpse of me and told me to choose my seat.

Being a taco joint, the menu had various other items on it other than tacos but when ‘taco’ is in the name you probably should order a taco. I admit, being the only one in a restaurant that barely looked like it was expecting any guests, I decided to order one delicious item and hightail it out of there. But to my dismay none of the tacos looked particularly ‘authentic’. I sat there on my smart phone doing a little quick history to see which fillings are most common in Mexico, and sure not potato and chorizo, but this is what I selected among the few taco options.

My dish came out with three heated taco shells filled with chunky potato-sausage puree, a few spoonfulls of refried beans and guacamole…soup? Burning my tongue along the way, I downed the three small tacos and waited for my server to hand me the bill….and then…my worst nightmare. ‘We only take cash”. grrr… he directed me to the cash machine that charged me two dollars, I left him a generous tip and scurried to my car.

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