TOWN restaurant

Town came out earlier last year and created such a buzz within the city. Before I could even google the menu, Town was winning culinary awards such as Ottawa Magazine’s top 10 in 2010, and various other cooking competitions. Then before you knew it, Steve Wall took a position at Luxe Bistro and left husband and wife duo Doiron and Wojcik to run the restaurant without his assistance. One can only assume that with a quick turnaround of kitchen staff the restaurant was doomed to crash. But months elapsed and hype continued.

When a girlfriend of mine was free for dinner a few weeks ago, I knew exactly what needed to happen… it was time to experience Town.

An experience it was. I cannot express how Town can and will change the face of Ottawa culinary for the better. The menu is not small by any means, but each dish requires dedicated time to enjoy and to decompose the flavor profiles. My friend and I sat at the bar which we both prefer, and spoke to our bartender/server about each exotic dish. Ultimately we landed on the mortadella crustini (mortadella mousse/fig & onion compote/hazelnuts) and without any hesitation, the little italian devils on horseback (italian sausage stuffed date/bacon wrapped/tomato red pepper puree/salt cured foie gras). If you cannot see how these item stand out among other restaurant menus then you may not enjoy these fascinating collages of ingredients. Absolutely delicious!

It is very evident to me that this menu was well thought out, crafted for those eager to engage in culinary experience, and to become the talk of the ‘town’. Indeed, they have succeeded in my opinion. A full house, every night of the week, a menu that changes to reflect the creative thinking of this duo (and probably to a number of others who are part of the mastermind), I really hope that Ottawa diners dont push Town aside in anticipation for the new up-and-coming. If we can take a step back and realize that Ottawa needs these inspiring menus and out-of-the-box thinking, I have no doubt Town will be here to stay.

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