It was a cold winter day (surprise surprise) when I decided to drive into Westboro and try my taste buds at Gezellig. I was under the impression they had just opened but once I arrived there it was very evidence Gezellig had already formed a very solid customer base, some of which were definitely there for their second or third time. As customary I sat up at the bar by myself and  got to enjoy the vast selection of wine and beer they have to offer.

The decor is clean and quite impressive. What used to be a TD bank bares little resemblance to its cold and grey decor. Now, what lays before you is an open concept and inviting room room strewn with a mix of urban wood and contemporary glass. The layout is very spacious leaving plenty of room between you and your neighboring tables but allows you to cozy up in a banquet with your company. And i’m very curious what sits at the top of those intriguing stairs :)

Immediately upon being seated I was greeted by the bartender who was very delightful, very knowledgeable about both the food and wine, and a pleasure to speak to. I looked through the menu while I was served warm fresh bread and their daily selection of humus- delectable! Much like Play, the menu offers a selection of small plates, and unique to Gezellig they offer the same creativity in large main course plates. Sadly my appetite was not quite big enough for a starter and a main but I was aided in selecting a nicely fitted main with the perfect wine pairing. I dont normally mention the dishes I order but it looks as though this item is still on their menu and definitely worth a try. The Lake Erie Pickerel was seasoned to perfection, laid on a bed of salted fingerling potatoes and chard. If you are looking for light but filling, this dish was perfect. At times, mildly too salty, but that could have been from the natural juices of the Pickerel itself.

Since my visit I have been hearing constant positive reviews so I will definitely go back. Im tossed between visiting again in the winter while the snow is falling and I can watch through the grand windows… or to wait until the Summer when I know they will have very fresh and seasonal items for me to dig into.

A very enjoyable evening! I also noticed Gezellig’s renowned owner Stephen Beckta replies to all reviewers on Urbanspoon. I could only be so lucky if he replied back to this review :) Imagine!

Gezellig on Urbanspoon

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