MHK Sushi (and Asian Fusion)

When we lived in Westboro we had a hankering for some sushi and found MHK – right down the street from us. We walked over and decided to stay at the restaurant to eat. My husband being a bit more adventurous than I with Asian food, he asked the Sushi chef to prepare some of his favourite dishes and present them to us. I decided to stick to the menu.

What we ended up getting (and didnt seem unusual for the chef to have a request of this nature) was some fresh octopus, squid, and a mixture of fresh seafood in a hand roll. In addition I played it safe with the bagel roll. I love this roll because I have a thing for rolls containing either spicy mayo or cream cheese. To note, the fresh fish we were given was delicious and nicely presented (this chef has not been in Canada long I can tell you that), but what you will find on the menu is Americanized sushi. I tend to not mind this as I often play it safe, but if you are in to traditional sushi rolls this wont be yoru favourite place. Also they do not offer all-you-can-eat and have small portions so think before coming here.

MHK Sushi and Asian Fusion on Urbanspoon

MHK Sushi on Urbanspoon