The Exchange Pub and Restaurant

If you recall, this was the Elephant and Castle before. Then some genius (seriously) decided to redesign the interior, revamp the menu and add a new sign to the outside. What a difference. It wasnt like the Elephant and Castle was bad, especially when you are hangry after shopping all day, but what a nice improvement. I know you’d think “a restaurant in the mall? Cant be that good” but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The prices are descent for each item and the menu has a nice selection of meats, cheeses, sandwiches, pizzas and authentic English pub food.

An English friend ordered the Ploughman’s plate and was quite happy with the authenticity of the plate, as well as the selection of meats and cheeses. I have had the chicken curry – surprisingly fantastic. My sister ordered the small meatball sandwiches – what a great idea. There are three meatballs all on their own bun with chipotle mayo and what tasted like delicious pesto. Their soups are all very tasty if you decide to have a small bowl instead of salad or fries.

One night a girlfriend and I decided we’d go there for some drinks and we ordered a few things on their summer menu. Each one was so creative and tasty. Then we selected some drinks or them to make off the menu and each time they came back with exactly what we wanted.

I keep end up going back to the Exchange and I would be very surprised if you didnt find something on their to feast your appetite.

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Murray Street

I am pleased to report that Murray Street has definitely put their best foot forward in the last few years to accommodate their creativity to the meat and non-meat lovers alike. I visited Murray Street Restaurant when it first opened, and it appeared to be pushing a ‘fresh food’ movement that seemed overwhelming at the time. I was pleased by the fresh charcuterie and the freshly squeezed juices on their drink menu, but the flavour was lacking. It has honestly been almost a year since I last stepped foot into the restaurant but recently I treated a friend for her birthday – her choice: Murrary Street.

A pleasant surprise, the wine menu was laid out quite nicely with old and new world wines (I will say I was not in the mood for cocktails so I didn’t have a peek – maybe next time). Every meal around us smelled of fresh home Winter cooking. Of the small plates, Murray Street has become known for their poutine; a quite large portion of spetzle contrary to the dish being a ‘small plate’. I decided to try out the meatloaf; actually a vegetarian option. Look out vegetarians, finally a vegetarian option that will in fact fill you up, and you will be delighted by the texture of the chic peas, the lightly seasoned dish held together by cheddar cheese, is divine.

Alright meat lovers, on to the ‘meat and potatoes’ if you will. The Mariposa duck, duck, duck is a well known dish: duck three ways is not only prided for its local duck, but has an incredible combination of savory flavours.

There is no shame in skipping straight to the charcuterie. Murray street has a full selection of meats, pickles, cheeses (soft, medium, hard), presented with jellies, olives and dijon mustard. I have always asked for more crustini because you’ll want to finish every last bite – wow what a real treat this will be for just yourself or with a group of friends.

Last but not least, the staff is so pleasant that in conjunction to the warmth of woods from all trees, you will feel as though you’re nestled in the cottage with family.

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